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Kristi van Greunen
(510) 301-3807
In case you would like to know when the various
flowers and foliage of Exotic African Flora are in
season, here you will find our featured
"Flower of
the Month."  The "Flower of the Month" is
currently in season and is being cut and shipped
to florists.  So here you will find seasonal Fynbos
flowers and foliage you can request from your
local florist.

Since our birds are the reason for this website,
you will also find a featured
"Bird of the Moment"
on this page of our website.  

Our Latest News

Four very nice wins at a double show in
Bakersfield, California, in November 2009, helped
Kristi achieve Master Exhibitor with the ABA!  
Kristi is also more than halfway to Master Breeder
with the Light Brown Dutch variety, thanks to
these four wins - all on Light Browns - RSCCL at
both shows and Champion Trio at both shows.  

In 2012, Kristi and Jan started work to encourage
bats to the farm in hopes the bats would help deal
with farm pests such as the Light Brown Apple
Moth.  Click
here for photos and more information

Current Chicken Joke

Although we currently have no Dutch
for sale, please contact us
if you
would like
to reserve Quality
Breeding Pairs from our 2013

If you are interested in birds in any of our varieties,
please send us an e-mail.  We raise our young
birds to
at least  5 or 6 months before selling them.

We do not sell chicks or eggs, however.  
Birds now
for the best
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