Why "Fynbos?"
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Kristi van Greunen
(510) 301-3807
Fynbos Farm Poultry is located adjacent to Exotic
African Flora, LLC, where we grow flowers and
foliage native to South Africa.  The plants we
grow are part of the
Cape Floral Kingdom known
in South Africa as "
Fynbos."  Over 7,700 plant
species are found in the Fynbos family.

Fynbos is an Afrikaans word meaning "fine bush"
and consists mainly of members of the
and Erica families.  The best known
representative of the protea group is South
Africa's national symbol, the
King Protea.  This
large exotic flower is used in
Fynbos Farm
Poultry's logo.

Exotic African Flora, LLC, grows several varieties
of protea flowers, such as King Proteas;
leucadendron foliage, such as Safari Sunset;
leucospermum flowers—"pincushions"—such as
Vlam; South African heather, such as Hirtiflora;
and various other Fynbos, such as Blushing
Brides.  Our flowers are sold as cut flowers to the
flower industry.  In addition to their beauty, these
cut flowers are long lasting and make nice dried

Three of the partners of Exotic African Flora,
Jan van Greunen, Wina Duminy, and
Francois Duminy—came to the U.S. from South
Africa.  Our flowers and the chatter of the
guineas of Fynbos Farm Poultry help to keep
them from being homesick for beautiful
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