Our Dutch Bantams
Photo by Sarah Spotten
Photo by Poultry Press
2007 BCLB male 87P
Photo by Sarah Spotten
Photo by Sarah Brandt
2007 CLB female 44W
2006 LB female 30R
Photo by Poultry Press
Photo by Sarah Spotten
2006 LB female 32W
2007 BLB male 35R
2009 BCLB male 5889W
2009 BLB male 5840W
2004 BLB female 64R

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2007 41R LB female
Here are some of our Dutch who have done a little
winning, placed well at shows, or are "up and
coming."  We showed very little in 2011 and did not
show at all in 2012, however.  That is why you won't
find recent photos here currently.
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2008 BLB female 30W
(my favorite bird from that year)
2008 BLB male 36R
(son of 2007 35R BLB male)
2009 LB male 5859W
(2009 Trio male)
2009 Trio pullets
2006 CLB male 57Y
Photo by Poultry Press
2009 LB female 5847W
Mille Fleur foundation birds
2009 LB male 5848W