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This part of our site is currently under
construction.  We hope to have information here
to interest new
Dutch bantam breeders as well
as more established
Dutch bantam breeders.  
So, please check back to our site in the coming
months for more information about
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Information contained in the linked pages of this section of the website consists of interpretations and opinions of Fynbos
Farm Poultry and should not be relied on as being absolute.  These interpretations are based on Kristi van Greunen’s
reading and study of information from various sources, such as:
The Dutch Bantam: 100 Years of History by the Dutch
Bantam Club in the Netherlands—Hollandse Kreilenfokkers Club—the
Bantam Standard by the American Bantam
Association, and the American Poultry Association’s
Standard of Perfection.  In addition, some of the information here is
information that has been related by long time breeders of Dutch bantams.
History of the Dutch Bantam