2009 LB male known as 5859W
(who headed a 2009 LB trio)
5859W LB Male headed my LB trio entries for the 2009/2010 show season.  In this photo, he was only 7 month
old and his feathers aren't yet fully in.  

My first trio attempt with 5859W had two females that weren't quite as closely matched as the females in my
second trio attempt.  Pictured below are the females from my second trio matchup with 5859W.   This trio
matchup gave this trio two Champion Trio In Show wins and two starred wins with ABA.  Additionally, at one of
these shows, 5859W was Reserve SCCL and gave us another starred win in 2009.  Interesting enough, at the
same show where 5859W was Reserve SCCL, one of the females in the trio was also Reserve Breed!  

In the picture below both females are relaxed and carrying their tails a bit low - thankfully, they did not hold them
so low when the judges were evaluating them (and "No," they really aren't trained to pose on command - I just
got lucky).  There are more views of 5859W under the trio females photo.  5859W comes from a special
breeding I did this year.  His father is a beautiful CLB male - not a breeding I have ever done before for LB
(although I know that such breedings are done from time to time in Holland).  Such a breeding requires good
record-keeping for subsequent generations.  But, there were many things in the CLB father that I wanted to
incorporate into my LB, so I anticipate this breeding will be worth the careful record-keeping required.
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