Mille Fleurs, Cream Mille Fleurs & Blue Mille Fleurs
Photo by Jean Robocker
Except for the hen at the bottom right of the photograph above, all of the birds pictured n
the photograph above are young birds hatched in early summer of 2008.  All are from
birds bred by Jean Robocker.  The pale-colored young birds are Cream Mille Fleurs and
the darker ones, including the hen, are Mille Fleurs.  Mille Fleurs do not fully develop the
proper Mille Fleur markings and coloration until they are several months old.  These
youngsters above do not yet have their Fleurs, like the birds below and the hen in the
photo with them.
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The photo above is a trio of Mille Fleur Dutch  at
the Noordshow in Holland in January 2009
These two Mille Fleur pullets are birds I
got from Jean Robocker.  
These three photos (left, above, and below right) are of
the nice young Blue Mille Fleur cockerel I got from Sarah
Spotten.  Fynbos Farm Poultry is not breeding the Blue
Mille Fleur variety, however.  
The left photo above is of a Cream Mille Fleur cockerel from Jean Robocker (before he had all his adult
plumage).  The two birds in the three photos below, are my two favorites of the foundation birds for my Mille
Fleur varieties.  The female is a Cream Mille Fleur pullet (sister to the CMF cockerel above) and the male is a
Mille Fleur cockerel.  Both of these birds were bred by Jean Robocker.  
And the birds in the  trio to
the left are a bird's eye view
of more of my foundation
birds.  The male is a Mille
Fleur cock bred by Glenn
Finch and the two females
are Cream Mille Fleur pullets
bred by Jean Robocker.