Bouquets at 2006 ABA/APA National Meet
Flowers from Exotic African Flora were in
bouquets on every table at the
National Meets in Stockton, California
at the
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show in
January 2006.

Animal Planet filmed "Fowl Play," hosted by
Fred Willard at this show.
 A couple shots of
Fynbos Farm Poultry birds made it onto the show.
Here is one of them:
Photo by C. Jean Robocker
Photo from Animal Planet's "Fowl Play"
78W is a 2005 BLB we like very much.  
Unfortunately, he is missing much of
one of the points on his comb and that
makes it difficult for him to win.  But, we
like him so much we have hatched
several of his chicks.  Amazingly, all of
his chicks were nice birds.  So, he will
be seen again in our breeding pens.   
Photo by C. Jean Robocker
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