Select photographs from the Elkhorn Slough Foundation website:
A beautiful view of the Slough with Monterey Bay in
the background.
The blue area is the Slough (except for the
larger blue on the left which is Monterey
Bay), and the green area shows the lands
protected by the Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Another view of
the Slough from
one of the
protected by the
Elkhorn Slough
A group of Egrets in the Elkhorn
Slough National Estuarine Research
Reserve (ESNERR)
Jan and Kristi are in the two kayaks on the left.  Kristi's
kayak is behind Jan, so you mostly see him with
Kristi's face just in back of his.
Map showing the Slough, Monterey Bay and
Preserving the beauty of the Elkhorn Slough
area is very important to Jan and Kristi.  
Therefore, they are members of the Elkhorn
Slough Foundation Stewardship Circle.
Our friends Al and Anita are in the double kayak on
the right in the foreground.  Al and Anita are also
members of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation.
Click here to see some
of our own photos of
the slough.
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Sunset over Elkhorn Slough