2004 BCLB male known as 84R
BCLB 84R did very well in his first year of shows as a cockerel in 2004/2005.  He was Best
of Variety at nearly every show where he was exhibited.  At one show, he was even
selected as Best of Breed, but that win was changed when the judge realized he had given
the win to a non-recognized variety.  We were quite pleased he was honored this way,
even though the win could not hold.  ABA and APA are in the process right now of
considering this variety as a recognized variety.  
Here he is as a youngster, out walking in the yard.
Here he is with the other very nice young BCLB
male we were excited about in 2004, 85R.  
Unfortunately, 85R caught Marek's Disease within
days of 85R winning Best of Variety at the ABA
National.  We vaccinate for Marek's, but because
we usually hatch under hens, the chicks have a
chance of getting exposed to Marek's before they
are vaccinated.  We were sad to lose 85R because
he showed a lot of promise.
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