2005 BLB male known as 76W
Photo by Sarah Spotten
76W did very well at shows during his first season of showing (2005/2006).  He was
Reserve Breed at nearly every show he attended.  He was also Reserve Breed at the
APA/ABA National show in Stockton, CA in 2006.  He was in a few of our breeding pens
in 2006 as he was our favorite bird that was hatched in 2005.  Unfortunately, he did not
recover well from his first moult in 2006, and he did not last long into 2007.  It seems he
passed on some weekness to the few male offspring he fathered, and they have had to
be replaced.  It was a shame because he was a beautiful bird and his bloodlines have
had to be removed from our breeding program.
In both photos, here he is at a young
age--at 5 and 6 months before his tail
feathers were fully in.
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