2008 Western Dutch National Meet in Ventura, CA
Here are the beautiful awards Jenny Spotten created for the 2008 Western Dutch National Meet
held in conjunction with the APA National Meet in Ventura, California on October 25 and 26, 2008.  

The bottom award is an
original watercolor painting by Jenny.  This award was for the best of breed
winner.  The top left award is a framed print of Jenny's watercolor and it accompanied the best of
breed award.  The top right trophy is a framed print of another of Jenny's watercolor paintings and
is for the reserve breed winner.  The awards in the middle are more
framed prints of Jenny's and
they are for 3rd best dutch, 4th best dutch and 5th best dutch.  Jenny's awards are truly beautiful
and her display at the show (seen below) was very impressive.  Jenny also kept tabs on the
American Dutch Bantam Society display that Jenny and Sarah assembled for the show.  
Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the club display.

Jenny can be reached at
sunnyspott@charter.net or (805) 434-1169
Photo by Sarah Spotten