Cape Honeybush Tea Factory
Mosselbaai, South Africa.
Cape Honeybush Tea processes Rooibos Tea and Honeybush Tea.  It is located in Mosselbaai, South Africa along South
Africa's Garden Route.  One of the original partners of Exotic African Flora, LLC--Pierre Taljaard, Wina Duminy's father--was
instrumental in founding Cape Honeybush Tea Factory.  Honeybush Tea and Rooibos Tea are our favorite teas and both are
herbal teas with no caffeine.  
This is Honeybush in bloom.  The tea is cut when the
flowers are blooming.  That gives the tea a floral
fragrance and taste.  It is REALLY wonderful tea!  

These tea plants pictured here are growing on the
farm started by Pierre and Irene Taljaard--Kanetberg.  
Kanetberg is located near Riversdal, South Africa,
about an hour from the tea factory.  Kanetberg also
grows proteas and is run by Matie and Erica Taljaard.
Here is a photo of the town of Mosselbaai.