2007 LB female known as 41R
Photo by Sarah Spotten
Here is a picture of 41R LB pullet winning Reserve SCCL at Central Coast
Feather Fanciers show in October 2007.  She was just 6 months old.  The
SCCL Champion at the show--a white rock by Bruce and Lowell
Sherman--was the Super Grand Champion of the show.  So, 41R had some
pretty stiff competition.  There were over 1000 birds entered in the show and
about 160 were SCCL.  Additionally, Fynbos Farm Poultry won Best Display in
the show with LB Dutch Bantams.  41R was in this winning display.  It was
really tough to get a good photo of her.  I tried several times and could not get
one.  Yet, I'll bet Sarah tried only once and got this one--Sarah takes GREAT
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