2007 BLB male known as 35R
Photo by Sarah Spotten
Photo by the Poultry Press
35R BLB cockerel was Reserve BLB at the Eastern Dutch National at the Delmarva show in
Delaware in November 2007.  He was beaten in the variety at this show by his 2007 BLB sister
49R, who is pictured below.  He was chosen 5th best Dutch at this show where over 120 dutch
bantams were entered.  So, although he was beaten by his sister, this was a very nice win for
him.  She also beat him at the Greater California Feather Fanciers show in Fresno, CA in
early 2008.  He was RB at that show and she was BB.  35R sired several 2008 offspring at
Fynbos Farm Poultry.
Photo by the Sarah Spotten
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