Dutch Bantams in California
Photo by Poultry Press
Photo by Katherine Plumer
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Kristi van Greunen
(510) 301-3807
Welcome to Fynbos Farm Poultry!  

At Fynbos Farm Poultry, "chicken lady" Kristi
van Greunen breeds and raises
six varieties of
dutch bantams for exhibition.  

Our farm is in California's North Monterey
County and is about ½ hour from the beautiful
coastal cities of Monterey and Carmel.   Our
farm is a flower farm where we sell cut flowers
to the flower industry.

The farm lies within the Elkhorn Slough
watershed area.  The
Elkhorn Slough is one of
California's few remaining coastal
wetlands/estuaries, and is protected and
managed by the
Elkhorn Slough Foundation.  
Here are some of
our photos of the Slough.
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